Friday, July 19, 2013

Welcome Catmarie Wilson

       In my rambling travels I have come across many great authors. I have the opportunity today to introduce you to one. Have you ever seen a ghost, have you ever had an unexplained encounter? Many people have and my guest today has had the great fun of interviewing those people.

Everyone welcome my guest Catmarie Wilson.

        Dawn: I would like to welcome Catmarie Wilson to my blog today. Catmarie, it is great to have you with me today.  First tell us a little about yourself.  Your likes and dislikes, your favorite foods, your special pets? What makes you…you?
       Catmarie: As a former dance teacher I enjoy all types of exercise including yoga, tai chi, aerobics, zumba, you name it.  I love taking daily walks while thinking about what to write.  When I’m not reading a good book I’m usually planning a Red Hat Society event as the queen of the Snake River Scarletts.  Photography is another passion.  I’m still an amateur, but enjoy entering contests and posting at online photo sites.  I can’t forget my love of the computer and word games too. 

       Dawn: What is the title of your current work and what is it about?
       Catmarie: My current book is “STRANGE Unexplained Tales from Idaho and Beyond.”  I relate my own experiences including winning a contest to begin training as a ghost hunter.  I’ve included results of investigations and ghost tours along with thoughts on dreams and reincarnation.
      Friends and relatives contribute with tales of UFOs, near death experiences and many ghost stories, mostly from Idaho.  A wide variety of paranormal phenomena will please the reader.


Available in digital form through Nook and Kindle
       The phone rang during a pleasant visit with my in-laws.

“Is Charles there?” said the man in a slow, despondent manner. The tone of his voice was very sad.

“May I ask who’s calling?” I said.

“This is Karl,” he said even more sorrowfully.

I called to my husband, who was in another room visiting with his mom and dad.

“Charlie, the phone’s for you. It’s your Uncle Karl.” However, when my husband picked up the phone, no one was on the line.

Later the news came that Karl had died at the exact time we received the call. While cutting grass, he had collapsed from a heart attack. This was in the 1970’s before cell phones were popular. He’d had no chance to get to the inside phone. I believe his spirit wanted to contact the family gathered at my house. I had talked to a dead man on the telephone

      Dawn: How long did have you been writing and when did you know that writing was what you wanted to do? What kind of writer are you, a plotter or a pantser?
      Catmarie: I took a children’s writing class in 2002, but decided I like writing for adults more so I submitted to magazines and contests.  In 2009 I developed breast cancer and came through it with new priorities.  I wanted to share my beliefs with people and let them know how ordinary people experience these fantastic events every day.  Writing a book felt imperative.

      Dawn: Share your social profiles with us. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…where do you spend your cyber-time?
      Catmarie: You said it already, Facebook for games and Idaho Author’s Community, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, and myboomerplace.  I’m sure I’m forgetting more.

      Dawn: If you could travel to any-where or any-when…when and where would that be? What would you do when you got there?
      Catmarie:  Ancient Egypt!  What a thrill it would be to see an ancient civilization in its glory days.  Modern day Egypt is on my bucket list, but I’d want to wait until things settle down there.  I got to see the Eiffel Tower, now it’s on to the pyramids.

      Dawn: What draws you to the genre or genres in which you write?

      Catmarie:  I’ve always had a passion for the weird and unexplained.  Chalk it up to watching the “Twilight Zone” while growing up along with reading fairy tales and hearing about miracles. My grandmother’s eerie tales must have been an influence too.

      Dawn: Who is your favorite author and why? Which book speaks to you the most?
      Catmarie:  Tough question.  I like reading a wide variety and don’t have one special favorite.  I’m impressed with Dan Brown and all his research.  Dean Koontz and Stephen King have wild imaginations.  Shirley Maclaine isn’t afraid to speak out about her beliefs.  Betty Eadie’s “Embraced by the Light” influenced me decades ago.  Her book encouraged me to read everything in the library about death experiences and the paranormal.  I actually got to meet her at a Salt Lake City book signing.

      Dawn: What do you like to listen to when you write? Music, TV, silence?

     Catmarie: Silence.  I try to give full attention to my writing and tune everything else out.

      Dawn: When do you find the time to write? Are you an early morning person or a late at night writer?
      Catmarie: Since I retired as a substitute teacher I have all the time I need.   I can write at any time.  The problem is scheduling interviews with all my contributors.

      Dawn: Tell me about any promotions or contests you are running? Where can we go to sign up and what are the rules?
      Catmarie:  I haven’t done anything like that yet.  It sounds like a great way to promote and I’m open to it.

  Catmarie, I want to thank you for being with me today.  I love reading stories about the true unexplained experiences of people. It must be fascinating to talk to so many people about their “close encounters”. I enjoyed learning more about your book and look forward to reading it.

This is a picture of Catmarie after winning all the prizes from Dreyer's Ice Cream Co.  They sent her to the Haunted America Conference.

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