Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

I love spending time on the truck with my husband, as most of you already know. I love the chance to see so many different landscapes and cultures. One thing that I have learned in travelling across country is there are a multitude of different landscapes and that what one person thinks is beautiful another may find to be ugly. My husband and I have very different points of view on what beauty is.
He loves the high mountains and pine covered hills. He wants to be somewhere in the middle of a bunch of trees. Now while I think the trees are beautiful to travel through, it is not my idea of the perfect location for a house. To me the trees block me in and I cannot see. I want to be able to look out into the distance from my writing office and see for miles.

My favorite landscape is wide open plains covered in sagebrush and cacti. Of course with that, comes rattlesnakes, bull snakes, spiders and ants, but I am okay with that too. I want a large green yard, with several large weeping willows, lilac bushes, flower gardens, and fruit trees. Surrounding my green yard I would like miles of sagebrush and cactus, minus a large spot designated for a vegetable garden.
In this desert I would also like a river running through my property and a large lake to swim in. Somewhere I can have a frog and turtle pond and a massive koi pond, but that could be in the middle of my flower gardens. I don’t think I am asking too much, just an oasis in the desert.
The only problem with my dream is that my hubby hates sagebrush. He says if I build my office high enough I can look out over the trees, but it is not the same. So what we need is a property that is mountains on one side and desert on the other side.
The other issue I have with the high mountains that he likes is the winters. They are cold and usually come with heavy snow, which if I am rich and famous and don’t have to leave the house in the winter that wouldn’t be so bad. I could curl up with my writing in front of a large fireplace and sip hot cocoa while I write.
Somewhere there has to be a property that will make us both happy. Don’t burst my bubble. I know it is out there.
What kind of landscape do you prefer? What is your ideal location for a home? Tell me about it and I will choose from the best answer and the winner will receive a prize pack filled with goodies.
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  2. Along a lake shore meadow in the wooded mountains where the river waterfalls into the lake with a view of the other end of the lake where the river runs out and down into the ocean with a very large sandy beach next to a rocky cliff and protruding rocks in the water around the cove with a view of the near by Islands.

  3. My favorite place is by the ocean, amongst the sand dunes, sea grasses, and birds. A hammock to relax on, a good book to read, the sunrise to watch and the moon to dream by.
    Need not be new, as a matter of fact the older the better, it would have more personality! A place to renew, a place to enlighten myself, a place of tranquility...toes in the sand, the waves to watch, pictures to draw in the wet sand, and watch the tide remove....<3

  4. Patsy, that sounds like a very nice place indeed. I haven't had a hammock in forever. I miss it.

  5. My ideal place to live would be a nice quiet country setting with a creek, river or stream running along side or behind the house. The style of the home could be a nice Cabin with wide open rooms,or a Ranch style with open rooms. I would love to look out my windows and see the trees and water. Hear the water running when it rains.

  6. I love the sound of the rain. I would love to have a window overlooking a lake.

  7. Donna, congratulations you are my winner. Please send me your address to so I can get a prize pack out to you. Thank you all for playing along.