Thursday, June 20, 2013

Writing and does the muse speak to you

      Something I have learned in the process of publishing my book and talking with people is that a wide majority of people are writers. Now, I have come to that conclusion because it seems like every person I tell that I am an author tells me in return "really, you know, I write too."
      This has got me to thinking about all the different kinds of writers there are.
  •   The Closet Writer--This is what I was for years. I wrote just for me and was too self conscious to even tell people I wrote, let alone let someone read my work. I wrote for me and only began to consider getting published recently, because of insistent encouragement from my husband. The closet writer writes for the love of writing, but is afraid of criticism and hides behind endless excuses of why he cannot go for publication. Even though sharing my stories with the world has always been a dream. I let fear hold me back for far too long.
  • The Outspoken writer, who for the want of a more politically correct term, sucks--I know some of us know someone like this, at least I have spoken to several people who do. This person is the one who writes a story and believes it to be perfect, an instant success (even with no editing and no structure). They push their work off to everyone and anyone who will read it. They send off copy after copy of their masterpiece and constantly complain that the publishers and editors do not know a great story when they read it. They are also the ones who claim you to be jealous if you give them some supportive and helpful advice.
  • The Insistent writer whose works shines--They push their work to publisher, agent and reader. They are confident and accepting of advice and use it to make their work better. They are on top of all the latest publicity moves and are always first to talk about their book. (This is the category I am striving to be in).
  •  The Inconsistent writer--This person has several stories started and tucked away in her closet. They have been there for twenty years, but every so often she pulls them out, dusts them off and tells herself she will finish one, only to put it back again until who knows when.
I am sure there are countless other types, but whether it be the pushy or the shy, one thing remains constant. We write because we are compelled to do so.
      No matter what kind of writer you may be--keep at it. Push yourself beyond what you believe you can accomplish. You might just surprise yourself.
      Dr. Seuss, J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Catherine Coulter. All would still be closet writers without that first step to get published.
            We all may not have an instant success on our hands--nothing is instant.
 But with patience and time the possibilities are endless.