Sunday, January 10, 2016

Favorite types of reading material

    I just recently released my novel The Dark Lady into an audio version. There were more immediate sales than I had expected. I am averaging about 10 audio sales a day, more than either my eBook or my paperback did in the beginning. This got me thinking about the way things have changed for readers in respects to the way people buy and "read" books.
      My favorite way to read is to curl up with a good paperback, a warm blanket and a good cup of coffee. I do like hardbacks, but to me they look better on the shelf than they feel in my hands. They are more cumbersome and harder to read for me, though I do have some that I buy in hardbound. Stephen King I usually buy in Hardbound anymore, but that is because I don't want to wait for the paperback version to be released. I love the feel and sound of a book as you flip through the pages, and although some people think me odd I love the smell of books, old or new. Although the new on demand printing doesn't have the same good smell as the large printing presses. The thing I think I was looking forward to more than anything else when I published my book was to smell it when it arrived. 
      Even though I prefer to sit and hold books, I do seem to be listening to them more and more. I think it is the busier lifestyle that many people have anymore that makes it such a popular choice. I always feel like I am not getting anything done and I feel guilty if I am sitting down to read. If I put on the headphones and listen I can garden, clean, bake, can, work on my kids book illustrations, crotchet blankets or scarves...well you get the idea. Life anymore seems to have gotten to where it is harder for people to just sit down and read without feeling as they should be up doing something else. Now don't get me wrong I do take the time to sit down and read, but it isn't as often as I like.
      My least favorite way to read, although I do when I am out and around, is through eBook. I have the kindle app on my phone and my tablet. My tablet is a 10" and my phone is the Note 3 (a large screen for a phone) but even with the larger screen I still don't enjoy the experience of reading as much on the screen. It takes me longer to get into a book than it usually does.
      I am curious to know why the audible is selling so much quicker than the other versions of the book that are available. Is it just because people are busy or is it because of the way is set up, a monthly membership with a credit each month. I know when I buy them, using credits, I don't really think about it. I just hit purchase, but if I were to buy the book with actual money (and yes I realize it is actual money, but it comes out automatically and it is already designated for a book, I did all my debating before I started my membership), but with that being said, if I were to buy one with "actual" money I always seem to put more thought into it. Am I the only one who thinks this way or is that strange?
      So when you are deciding on a book which do you prefer, audio, eBook, paperback or hardbound? Why do you prefer one above the other?
      Stop by and check out The Dark Lady, in audio, eBook and paperback, sorry no hardbound yet, and let me know what you think.